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My artist’s book, Necrology, was published in 2021. It comprises forty-six photo portraits torn decades ago from obituaries in the New York Times, arranged in slyly humorous juxtapositions. Copies are still available.

Published in 2006 and excerpted in Vanity Fair, The Film Snob’s Dictionary is, inexplicably, still in print. Back then my coauthor, David Kamp, and I touted it on radio shows like Leonard Lopate, and critics raved:

  • “Provid[es] a service for ordinary people who end up going out with snobs or, almost as bad, sitting near them at the movies”! —New York Times Book Review
  • A “slim—and very droll—expansion of a guide that originally appeared in Vanity Fair”! —Variety
  • “Hilariously on-point”! —The Washington Post
  • “It’s the useful business of The Film Snob’s Dictionary to make cool, often genuinely witty fun of bad movies and the faux icons who make them”! —Los Angeles Times
  • “A better book than its title suggests”! —The New Republic

It endures off the shelves, too: In 2013 Vanity Fair launched a Snob’s Dictionary video series, and as recently as 2021 film critics were still quoting the book.

In 2005 I launched a blog, Looker, which I wrote until 2012. It was a movie-obsessed accumulation of personal reminiscences, in-the-field observations, dogged reporting, and goofy humor. Readers loved it:

  • One of “the best blogs on movies”! —About.com
  • “An excellent little thought-bomb of a blog”! —The Boston Globe
  • One of the top “10 blogs for serious film lovers”! —Blogs.com
  • “An ever-illuminating read whose one flaw is that it doesn’t get updated enough”! —The Guardian

In 2000 I founded an online literary magazine, Flâneur, and edited it until 2004. It comprised essays, stories, poems, and artwork devoted to “the celebration of urban life, the sanctification of the stroll,” as our Flanifesto declared. The New Yorker promoted our readings in Brooklyn and Manhattan and the New York Times said we offered “a loafer’s view of the naked city, with all its quirks and mundane beauty.” Among our contributors:

  • New Museum founder and curator Marcia Tucker
  • artist and author Lauren Redniss
  • musician and author Alan Licht
  • filmmaker and critic Bilge Ebiri
  • author and Slate contributor Rebecca Schuman
  • artist and theater director David Levine
  • author and critic Melanie Rehak
  • illustrator Peter Arkle
  • photographer Mindy Tucker