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The Horror

>This post appeared on my blog, Looker, in 2010.

The hilariously bad horror flick The Sentinel, from 1977, has an unbelievable cast: Ava Gardner, Eli Wallach, Arthur Kennedy, Burgess Meredith, Christopher Walken, Jerry Orbach, Jeff Goldblum—the list goes on and on. It’s about a fashion model who rents an apartment in Brooklyn Heights that turns out to be the gateway to hell, or something like that. It features stabbings and mauling and wrist-slicing and actual deformed people as demons, as well as Beverly D’Angelo and Sylvia Miles as the most outré couple you’ve ever seen. But the most shocking thing about it is Wallach’s necktie:

In his 2006 memoir, The Good, the Bad, and Me, Wallach mentions neither the tie nor the movie. He’s a wise man.